Holiday Shopping Guide: Practical Gifts for Parents with Newborns

Children are the greatest gift in the world. However, that doesn’t mean the new parents in your life won’t appreciate another present this holiday season. If you’re having trouble deciding what to get the new mothers and fathers in your life, a curated gift guide can help. After all, holiday shopping is easier when you don’t have to fret over what to buy. Forget baby blankets and teethers. Here are some budget-savvy gifts parents will actually want to receive this year.

Creature Comforts for Parents of Newborns

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Keep Them Warm: Use Rakuten Cash Back Deals to Find Pajamas or Slippers

A Netflix Gift Subscription for When Sleep Isn’t an Option

Best Meal Kits for New Parents

5 Affordable At-Home Massage Products for People with No Time

Around-the-House Helpers

A Doorbell Camera So They Can Be Sure if They Need to Get Off the Couch

7 Smart Home Gifts that Even Renters Will Love

Why the Instant Pot Is an Essential Appliance For New Parents

Hire a Housekeeper to Help Keep Clutter Low and Sanity High

Top 6 Best Robot Vacuums for Busy Parents

Partner-to-Partner Gifting

A Wine Subscription for When It’s Time to Wind Down

Constantly Walking with Baby? Splurge on a Smartwatch

The Best Weighted Blankets of 2019

Stock Up on Diaper Bag Essentials All New Mothers Can Use

A Stitch Fix Subscription to Boost Their Wardrobe

More Gifts for Parents

The Best Things to Do for a New Mom

5 Reasons Why Aromatherapy is a New Mom’s Best Friend 

The Easiest Gift for Dog Owners You Haven’t Thought of Yet

The 10 Best Sleep Gadgets to Give the New Dad in Your Life

Spa Time to Help With Stress Relief

From those oft-overlooked diaper bag essentials to extra clothing for their little bundle of joy, there are countless ways to show new parents you care without breaking the bank. You can stretch your dollar even further by simply opening your laptop and searching for items that would make your life easier, especially if you were in your loved one’s shoes. Thanks to the power of online savings sites, you can find deals for everything from baby supplies to personalized keepsakes that any parent will love.

Kristin Louis is a former advertising copywriter and has two rambunctious boys, 10 and 7 years of age. She created to share her experiences about the trials and tribulations of parenting. 

Kristin Louis
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