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Tonya Sakowicz

Founder & CEO

As the founder of Newborn Care Solutions, Tonya has found a way to utilize her lifelong passion for infant care to build up the worldwide community of infant caregivers. 

From the young age of 11, Tonya knew that she wanted to build a career focused on newborn care. Her natural intuition, knowledge and understanding of infants led her to become an INA Credentialed Nanny and Newborn Care Specialist, CAPPA trained Postpartum Doula and Parent Educator and Consultant. 

After spending over 30 years working as a Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist and Household Manager, she went on to create Newborn Care Solutions alongside her husband, Todd, a company dedicated to the specialized training of high-level Newborn Care Specialists and the only company to offer the Master NCS® Training Program. 

Her business continued to grow to include educational opportunities for agencies that place Newborn Care Specialists and targeted education for parents of newborns.

Todd Sakowicz

Founding Member & CEO

As the leader of nimble, entrepreneurial ventures, Todd understands how to develop effective strategic plans that continually evolve as the market changes. He believes that his commitment to personal growth directly relates to the professional growth of Newborn Care Solutions®. He thrives in situations that demand adaptability, flexibility, and the willingness to constantly seek ways to improve operations.

Having led and grown two successful businesses in widely different industries, he relies on his solid business sense to overcome obstacles and lay the foundation for replicable, sustainable growth. This is why he consistently adds to his technical skills and professional development. Curious and multi-talented, he loves working in environments that capitalize on emerging trends blended with the effective use of technology. He is equally fascinated and well-versed in HR, finance, marketing, strategic business plans, and account management.

Julie Morgan

Operations Manager

Julie Morgan currently serves as the Operations Manager of Newborn Care Solutions®. As the Operations Manager, she is involved in multiple areas of Newborn Care Solutions®, assuring productivity, efficiency, and care for all.

Julie earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations from North Carolina State University in 2015. After graduating, she spent three years in sales and recruiting before transitioning to the Nanny/NCS industry, where she has another three years of experience working with agencies to assist with branding, supporting students and agencies at Newborn Care Solutions®, and served as an integral part of the office team at the International Nanny Association. She has a great passion for helping others reach their goals and it is one of her greatest joys working with individuals daily to meet their specific needs to help them thrive. 

When Julie is not busy designing templates, supporting students and agencies, and overseeing office operations, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, running, hiking, and relaxing on the beach.

Chevelle Frederick

Lead Educator

Chevelle is a well-known CACHE Certified NCS and Master Newborn Care Specialist® with 9 years of experience caring for infants and over 10,000 hours of hands-on care exclusively with newborns. In 2021 alone, she has had the pleasure of working with 14 newborns and infants. She also has training in sleep conditioning, lactation education, new parent education as well as her B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology and has been a past member of the International Nanny Association.

First and foremost, Chevelle is passionate about babies and has a heart for families. She enjoys educating and empowering parents with a logical, common sense approach and evidence-based information during the transitional phases of life as a new family.

She also has a level head and is the voice of reason in our global caregiver community. In addition, she is a mentor and advocate for new NCSs just discovering themselves in this amazing field. She’s an amazing entrepreneur with an awesome vision for this industry.

Rebecca Hauser

Lead Spanish Educator

Rebecca is a certified infant and child sleep specialist, the creator of the IRE method, an AATH attachment parent educator and an infant development specialist. She does both consulting and in-home sleep training, helps families practice positive discipline and has professional trainings to become a certified infant and child sleep consultant.She is the owner and CEO of Infant Development and Sleep Academy, a company dedicated to promoting zero cry sleep solutions.

Rebecca left her career as a criminal defense attorney when her first was born and has dedicated the last 7 years in helping families with newborns, babies and toddlers get some sleep. She is a strong believer that sleep in natural and innate and that given the right conditions a baby and toddler can sleep well with no tears involved. She has had professional trainings over the last 5 years and has trained sleep consultants all over the world.

In her spare time, Rebecca likes to read, cook, travel with her family and enjoy seeing her two children grow!

Monica Bykov

Medical Advisor

Monica Bykov is a Registered Nurse and Cache Certified Newborn Care Specialist with emphasis on education of maternal newborn care and sleep conditioning babies under 2 years of age. Upon delivering her 1st of four kids, she knew from that moment that becoming a baby nurse is all she ever wanted to do in addition to being a mother and wife.

Having started out as an LVN in 2003 at a local hospital, she immediately took up positions floating between L&D, Nursery, and Postpartum units and was simultaneously trained as an Emergency Cesarean Section Scrub Tech. Two years later, as a Registered Nurse, Monica joined Maxim Healthcare which specialized in care of critically ill infants. After the birth of her 3rd child, she began working with local pediatricians to provide home health postpartum and well-baby visits. Early detection of Jaundice, assistance with breastfeeding and bottle feeding, how to spot if a baby is unwell and when to seek medical intervention, alongside an overall assessment of the home to ensure there was adequate and safe surroundings and living conditions. This care was not only proactive to help detect and help prevent completely avoidable hospital readmittances it also provided support to new parents. This included answering countless important questions that naturally came up once they were home with their newborn.

After delivering her 4th child, Monica took up residency at West Hills Hospital’s Nursery Unit and floated to Postpartum and NICU. During this time, Monica became a surrogate and delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl for a family she cares greatly for to this day.

Today Monica continues to maintain her RN license by taking continuing education courses within her scope of practice to maintain the most up to date knowledge which is transferred in her guidance to her many clients, and when sought after to friends, family, and fellow colleagues. Alongside her well established Baby Nurse Business, she’s also the founder and inventor of The Butterfly Swaddle of Butterfly Swaddle Inc.

Monica brings not only medical and newborn care experience of 25+ years, but also perspective and understanding of what it’s like to be a teenage mom; what it takes to be a surrogate; and certainly what a huge physical, emotional, and life changing journey that giving life, grieving loss, and parenting comes with.

The need for education and support is undeniable. Monica has made it her life’s greatest achievement second only to being the proudest mom of four incredible children and being a wife to the most loving and supportive husband one could hope for, to help as many families as possible in her lifetime!

Alicia Amerson


Since 2012, Alicia Amerson has been helping families adjust to parenthood. Her passion as a nanny led her to become a traveling certified newborn care specialist, certified full spectrum doula, certified child passenger safety technician, certified eco-consultant, lactation educator, sleep consultant, parent coach, and Elite NCS.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Sociology, and has a background as a certified nursing assistant in home care and hospice. Her company, The Golden Stroller, specializes in providing highly personalized 24/7 and travel support to busy high-net worth and high profile families nationwide. Her approach is based in respectful care and working with families to create a low-toxin environment for babies during critical developmental periods.
When she is not traveling with clients, Alicia has found great reward in sharing professional development opportunities and building community spaces for newborn care specialists and postpartum doulas. Her passion for community, mentorship, and education has inspired her love of teaching.

She has also enjoyed volunteering in various industry organizations, including Newborn Care Solutions, the Newborn Care Specialist Association, the International Nanny Association, and the Northwest Association of Perinatal Support. She finds inspiration within this community and looks forward to continuing to make a positive impact.


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