Getting Ready for Corona Babies: Part 2

Get Your Nanny Agency Ready for Possible Influx of Babies This Year

Tips for Nanny Agencies to Prepare for Possible Influx of Babies This Year

With recent stay at home orders all over the world, we could experience more newborns come 2020! Some experts say there will be a baby boom: others say there will not be, either way, being ready for anything is a good way to go. If there is a possible influx in babies, it’s important that your nanny agency prepares ahead of time! We have tips to help you prepare your nanny agency for a possible influx of babies this year. 

Let us help you with the biggest tips on preparing your nanny agency for the possible influx of babies this winter.  

Get Your Nanny Agency Ready for Possible Influx of Babies This Year

Nanny Agencies: Top Tips for Getting Ready for the Corona Babies Coming Winter 2020

Prepare Your Agency

As a nanny agency, you can also start preparation for this predicted increase. Make sure you are strategizing your agency to stand out with highly qualified, trained, and certified newborn care specialists. This can allow your agency to be more marketable too with a pool of qualified newborn care specialists. Consider our training courses for your newborn care specialists or your current nannies to become newborn care specialists as we are the Top Rated National Newborn Care Specialists. Our Foundational Newborn Care Specialist program is great for nannies to strengthen and deeper their newborn knowledge. With this extra pool of qualified newborn care specialists, you can broaden your spectrum and offerings and stand out amongst other agencies. 

Get Your Nanny Agency Ready for Possible Influx of Babies This Year

Announce the Facts

Share with your followers, email list, and community of the possible increase of predicted pregnancies and newborns arriving in the winter. Share with how your agency is preparing and talk about how you are able to serve and find the perfect newborn care specialist to meet their needs.

Announce to your community that you are taking applications for your pool of newborn care specialists and encourage them to apply. 

Get Your Nanny Agency Ready for Possible Influx of Babies This Year

Share Your Offerings

Make sure if you do offer newborn care specialist placements that you talk about this. Share the qualifications of your newborn care specialists and any testimonials of the placements you have completed. If families can see and hear the reviews of others finding such great newborn care with your agency, they may also reach out to you to do the same for them. 

These are just a few ways that you as a nanny agency can start prep for the prediction of sweet new babies this winter. We hope you can see there are different ways of preparing for the influx of sweet new babies that will come winter 2020 and we are here to help any way we can. We want you to know that we are here to work with you if having qualified and knowledgeable newborn care specialists are your passion as an agency. 

Get Your Nanny Agency Ready for Possible Influx of Babies This Year

We’d love to hear your thoughts; do you believe there will be a huge influx of Corona Babies too?

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