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With everyone at home, courses are in full swing lately. Have you noticed the increase in online courses popping up in your newsfeed, emails, or online searches? There is a lot in the online space right now but be careful before investing in courses that may not be as experienced with teaching what you need to know. We are here to share why our courses stand out amongst others out there and why you should trust us to assist you with becoming a Newborn Care Specialist.

Top 6 Reasons that Makes Newborn Care Solutions One-of-a-Kind

We’ve Been Selling Courses for 5 Years 

Newborn Care Solutions is not a newbie when it comes to teaching you all of the Newborn Care Specialist training that is offered. Tonya, the cofounder of Newborn Care Solutions and instructor in the courses has over 35 years as a Newborn Care Specialist, Nanny, Postpartum Doula, and New Parent Educator.  She also has experience teaching and speaking at conferences all over the country. You can read more about Tonya and her experience here 

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This is Our Expertise

Newborn Care Solutions offer the highest level of training for candidates through our courses. We start with the basics in a Foundational Newborn Care Specialist Course and move to the Advanced Newborn Care Specialist Training and offer many other additional courses to gain new skills. Also, we have exclusive Elite NCS™ and Master NCS® programs. 

Our candidates are then trained in a field that can be used to earn higher salaries. “Wealthier families seeking nannies that are trained in newborn care, child development, or languages, it's becoming more common to see in-home caregivers earning six-figure salaries” (Bahney, 2019). Even now top-tier, career nannies who have specializations, certifications, and loads of experience are in high demand. This is where we can help by offering our expertise in our courses to help you become more valuable.

You can read more from this article here

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We are the ONLY Program That has a Prerequisite

Newborn Care Solutions kept the professional Nanny, NCS, Postpartum Doula, and Childcare Provider in mind when creating our training. Our training program sets us apart as we are the ONLY program that has a specific prerequisite that you have to already have experience working with infants in a professional capacity. We are firm believers that if you are calling yourself a specialist, you actually should be one, so we should be teaching you a depth of information and that is best done by having a standard of experience, to begin with when you enroll in our course.

Only NCS Training That Offers CACHE Certified NCS 

After completing the Foundational Newborn Care Specialist Course, you are able to take the exam and become a CACHE Certified NCS as long as you meet the CACHE requirements. As a certified doula, you are also able to earn CAPPA CEUs after passing the exam. For more information on the CACHE certification and FAQs on this, please go here

We Have Several Success Stories

With years of experience, we have some amazing success stories to go with it! Nannies, Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas, Infant Childcare Providers, & Agencies trust in us to provide the best of the training and provide them the skills they need to succeed. Check out some of our reviews here (and for more you can check out on Facebook or Google reviews!)

“Excellent training! - Don't miss this one. Lots of new information covered and time to ask questions that you can't get in an online class. Not only did I leave with a new skill, but I also left with connections to others in my field and some agency contacts as well. Definitely worth the money and time invested.” – Christy G.

“Newborn Care Solutions is an absolutely phenomenal training program. Tonya engages the learner in the course material. Prior to taking the foundational course, I was unaware of how much knowledge could be packed into a weekend! You will walk away from the Newborn Care Solutions course with confidence and a thirst for more knowledge. One very special aspect of this course is that you gain immediate access to a supportive online community who openly embraces new learners.I’m excruciatingly frugal and when I saw the price, of course, I was a bit hesitant to sign up. The NCS course is an investment and you will not regret taking the leap of faith.” -Anne K.

“I love how 9/10 agencies interviews I am in after they see who I took training with being like "Oh you were trained by Tonya! I love her!" and then cut the interview short after this.
Very glad I chose this training! It really turned me into a newborn savvy!” -Ariel M.

We Keep Up with the Times and Offer Additional Courses

Newborn Care Solutions strives to be the best in the industry (and many would agree!) and create new courses to meet the needs of this ever-changing field. We keep up with the times and one example of this is our latest course, Standing Up and Standing Out in Today’s Market. This course is a discussion and tips on how to navigate the current changes in the market & meet and exceed your family/client needs which are needed during this time! 

We are dedicated to providing the very best quality products and service and happy customers are our number one goal here! Newborn Care Solutions is your source for quality online and in-person newborn care training. Our training ensures that you receive the most comprehensive education possible to optimize your career as a Newborn Care Specialist. With decades of experience and unbeatable innovation, our professionals are here and ready to prepare you for newborn infant care every step of the way.

If you have any questions about our training programs feel free to email us at info@newborncaresolutions.com

Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and check out the other posts on the blog!

Are you looking to become a newborn care specialist or enhance your current NCS training? View Our Courses Here!


Bahney, Anna. “What It Takes to Be a $200,000-a-Year Nanny.” CNN, Cable News Network, 13 June 2019, www.cnn.com/2019/06/13/success/nanny-high-paying-job/index.html.

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