LuLaRoe: The New 'Uniform' of the American Nanny and NCS

It’s fairly easy to spot the iconic British Nanny, trained and wearing a uniform as distinctive as their training—they are recognizable around the globe. And while their uniform is effective in helping distinguish them from others, it is not something the American nanny has embraced over the last few decades as the professionalism of the in-home childcare industry has risen in the USA. Instead, the American nanny, often highly educated and just as dedicated as their British counterparts, has traditionally worn “play clothes”—clothing that allowed them to get down on the floor or run at the park, and they have taken a bit of heat for their “less than professional appearance” on more than one occasion.

llr-logoBut all that is changing. Enter LuLaRoe!  What is LuLaRoe you ask? It is a clothing line, sold through online pop-up and home parties that offers high quality, affordable, comfortable but stylish clothing that can be worn day into night. (You can find their story here

Leggings in super cute prints and solids, longer, comfy shirts that are high enough cut at the neck to maintain modesty when bending over small children and long enough to not ride up in back, longer but comfy skirts and stylish but practical dresses (pockets anyone??) that flatter a variety of figure types and sizes and with a couple quick accessories thrown in, go from fashionable work/play clothing during the day to a great date night outfit in seconds.

Their clothing comes in sizes to meet nearly every need from XXS to 3XL, so almost everyone can find something they love. And if you wash them per instructions (simple!), the colors stay vibrant and the clothes stay nice looking. Because LuLaRoe makes shopping and purchasing online so very easy, people love them. Not to mention the fabulous customer service of their local reps.

I have my favorites, of course, and my local favorite, Julie Weimer, who serves the entire North end of the Phoenix area, is amazing and totally customer-oriented. She has gone out of her way to search for things for me, order them from other reps, and always goes above and beyond. You can find her

And what does this have to do with nannies and those in related fields like Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas? This particular clothing line, with its fun colors, broad size range and stylish while still appropriate versatility, has taken off in the in-home child care industry and it is becoming the new “Uniform” of the American Nanny. There is even a Facebook group dedicated to it called “Nannies that LuLaRoe”.

At conferences, the LuLaRoe items that are donated in the fundraisers are by far the hottest ticket item. And at one conference called Nannypalooza (, that happens in the Fall, there was even be a LuLaRoe vendor at the conference because it is such a great place to sell the clothing line.

sg lularoeI recently had the chance to interview some nannies and Newborn Care Specialists about LuLaRoe clothing (while wearing mine) and here is what many of them had to say about why they love LuLaRoe and wear it to work almost daily.

Tonya: So, LuLaRoe clothing is definitely becoming a “thing” in the Nanny and Newborn Care Specialist world—it has almost become the unofficial “uniform” of the American Nanny and NCS—when did you first hear about/see LLR clothing and what drew you to it?

Jade Monet Schmidt (Nanny):   It was actually around this time last year that I first heard people talking about LuLaRoe in online forums. I saw the name mentioned a bunch and people showing off the cute prints so I decided to check it out. The Halloween capsule had just been released and those prints are totally my style aesthetic, so I joined one of the major BST (Buy/Sell/Trade) groups on Facebook and purchased my first pair; Tall n Curvy Navy Spiderwebs.

I was drawn in by a few things; the comfort, the prints, the size range! I am a plus-size mom and it's not easy finding cute clothes I feel comfortable in. Especially clothes that I can wear and be comfortable in while chasing toddlers around all day! The yoga waistband on the leggings are definitely a game changer versus the elastic waistband you will find in most big box stores everywhere else!

Amanda Whiting (Nanny): I was actually still working as a stylist for Stella & Dot at the time and was participating in a bazaar on a Saturday morning back in April of 2015. All the consultants from all the companies visit one another's stations and I came across this clothing table...I was skeptical at first. I had paid the $25 price tag before at my local plus size fashion store, Torrid. However, just wasn't completely sold on this idea. They encouraged us to visit the restroom to try on these "soft-feeling" items. I decided on a pair of leggings. I thought, why not. These were the original waistband, not the "yoga band" they have now. I will always remember that "butter" feeling that day and am so happy to have found these amazing pieces.

Erin Manning (Newborn Care Specialist): I heard about it via FB groups and people raving about how soft and comfortable they are back in January 2016. I was drawn to them because they are soft, comfortable and a little funky. I figured I could wear them and look human but still get on the ground and play.

Tonya: So what makes LuLaRoe clothing so perfect for your work as a nanny or Newborn Care Specialist?

Erin: I can be comfortable and still get down on the floor and play but also look decent when out and about instead of just jog pants.

Amanda: As a career-nanny, I love the functionality of these clothes. Just throw on a pair of the butter leggings and either a perfect tee, classic tee or an Irma tunic (which was designed to be paired with leggings) and go to work. It's very simple, you don't have to put a lot of thought into your #ootd (outfit of the day!) LuLaRoe is also very versatile...pair a stripe print shirt with a busy-pattern legging and wa-la. Stripes and Floral or an Aztec/Geometric print are pretty easy to pair! It's just a super-comfy answer to your can move so easily and. chase after the kiddos with ease!

sg lularoeStacie Gebeke (Nanny): It is very comfortable, I can move freely in them, and the compression is just right to keep my knees almost happy.

Jade: I love wearing LuLaRoe to work as a nanny (and nanny mom, always putting my nanny skills to use even when I am off the clock *wink*) because they look like I am put together and completely covered up while in the comfort of clothes that sort of feel like pajamas!

Tonya: Have you jumped on board by hosting a party or becoming a rep? Or do you know other nannies or Newborn Care Specialists who have?

Jade: I am actually a LuLaRoe consultant! I partnered up with a local SAHM (stay-at-home mom) to form a super consultant team - LuLaRoe with Two Haute Moms ( We onboarded in April of this year!

Amanda: Although I haven't taken the plunge to be a LLR consultant, trust me, I've thought about it so many times. I do love to choose my wardrobe. Speaking of your LLR wardrobe, having a pop-up party is the answer to establish or adding items to your closet! I host shows every 5-6 months as I like to give my friends a break and have some time in between. I ask a different consultant each time, for the variety and also prefer consultants that keep 1,500+ items in their inventory as it makes the shopping much easier for all!

In addition, I ask the consultant to offer her items so they'll be available online for my out of town guests and those who can't make the party! My first show was this past January and doubt I'll ever be able to top my sales of 90 items; however so excited that I received 9 free items of my choice + 1 item for hosting a party!

Erin: I never have but I know several nannies who have and that's where I have bought all my articles through. I did have them at the National Nanny Training Day I co-organized.

Stacie:  I have not but I know many who have! sg lularoe

Tonya: What would or do you tell other nannies or Newborn Care Specialists about LuLaRoe?

Stacie: It is so comfortable and stylish; the prints are fun and the solids can be dressed up a bit more. I love them with flats or boots.

Erin: The leggings are super comfortable; you can wear their dresses to jobs and interviews and still feel relaxed and able to move around it.

Amanda:  It's a good quality clothing made by hand in many different countries. I love this brand as the community is one of a kind, the product is very unique (prints are only available in about 2500 items across the states and are made in many different styles in that print!) They're super limited, so I love the fact that not many people are walking around your town wearing the same exact print

Tonya: What would you tell the owners of LLR about their clothing or about something you would love to see if you had the chance?

Stacie: I would love to see a v-neck design as I hate shirts that touch my collarbone, serious SPD issue for me. I would also love to see more prints in kid’s sizes that are more unisex or “boy” kind of prints as well as maybe a yoga style pant for boys.

Erin: I would love to see all patterns in every size. I would able to order what I want instead of chasing what a consultant might have. And I think the dresses are a tad too expensive.

Jade: I would love for LuLaRoe to hire, even as just like contracted work, people who actually use the clothes to give input and insight on how to better the LuLaRoe experience. Customers and consultants alike all have really great ideas on how we can make this world even more fun!

Amanda: I would like to see some new styles. A few more shirts and a Capri legging would be helpful in the summer. They do have a way to bring up leg to shorten it; however, the shorter length from the start would be nice. They are constantly making new styles and the prints & style are very trendy and appreciate that fact.

Anything else you would like to share?

Amanda: I value the designs and am very blessed to have many upon many items from this company! Patrick is an amazing artist and love the talent he's bestowed on LLR. My favorite pieces from LuLaRoe are the new Carly dress (she's my jam - she's a hi-low and comes designed with a pocket most of the time!), the Perfect & Classic tee shirts as well as the leggings! Don't forget about the most versatile style in my option, the Sarah (she's the "long-Duster “style/"boyfriend-type" cardigan!)

laura lularoeSo, in case you missed it, the Nanny and Newborn Care Specialist world is in love with LuLaRoe and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!  Next time you spot a fun pair of printed leggings and fabulous shirt, ask---I am willing to bet they are LuLaRoe and you might be chatting up a fantastic nanny or Newborn Care Specialist!

Tonya Sakowicz
Founder & CEO
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