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After Robyn’s two daughters left home, she began providing childcare to families in the Bay Area. She has now been providing childcare for the past seven years. Robyn has cared for families with children of all ages, ranging from first days to teenagers. She is especially passionate, however, about caring for newborns. She thinks it is a great privilege to be able to care for little ones at the very beginning of their lives. She can help parents with basic care, self-soothing, routines and schedules, as well as sleep training strategies.

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Bay Area Newborn Care

Robyn Papanek

San Francisco, California


Willing to work in SF Bay Area, no travel.


Foundational, Advanced and Elite

For over 22 years, Marly has been a nanny to boys and girls from newborns to young teenagers, including a set of twins. She creates and develops fun and educational activities that are age appropriate to help children use their imaginations. Marly has traveled with families on vacations and also has had complete responsibility while parents were away for weekend trips.

As a Certified Overnight Care Specialist and Newborn Care Specialist, she is experienced with newborn preemie multiples (several sets of twins, three sets of triplets, two sets of quadruplets, and two sets of quintuplets). Often these preemies needed medications for reflux and required oxygen therapy. Some of them needed cardiorespiratory monitoring due to sleep apnea.

As the International Nanny Association’s 2015 Nanny of the Year, Marly is a strong advocate of all nannies.

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Marly Higgins Driskell Foundational, Advanced and Elite

Houston, Texas



Certified Professional Nanny (National Academy of Nanny, Inc.)
International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year, 2015
Credentialed International Nanny Association (INA) Nanny
Certified Overnight Nanny Care Specialist
Newborn Care Specialist

photo of Donna Parrish

As the mother of six children, and grandmother of five, Donna has over 33 years of practical experience caring for mother’s and their newborns. In addition to being an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist, she is also an experienced Labor and Certified Postpartum Doula and has been providing professional newborn and mother’s recovery care to families throughout the Dallas Metroplex for over 8 years.

Donna enjoys the challenges of caring for new mothers and their newborns and finds it especially rewarding to share the intricacies of newborn care with mothers and observe their transition into motherhood as they gain skill and confidence. Mother’s recovery care, breastfeeding support, newborn care, infant massage, newborn soothing techniques, coping skills for new parents, layette preparation and care, baby laundry, nursery organization, light meal preparation, grocery shopping and errands are all part of the unparalleled services provided.

Additionally, she offers routine development and gentle, no-cry sleep training to enable healthy full-term babies to sleep twelve hours through the night by twelve weeks of age. Donna has extensive experience caring for multiples and carries many additional credentials, certifications, affiliations and references, available upon request.

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Park Cities Baby Whisperers

Donna Parrish

Dallas, Texas


Available to work nationwide, with accommodations provided by family.

Carol began working with infants when she was in high school. During her college years, after her sister gave birth, she helped out with the newborn care both day and night. Upon realizing how much she enjoyed working with babies and children, she attended nanny school. Since 1987, when she graduated from the C.A.P.E. center in the Dallas, she has been a Professional Nanny. Carol has attended night nanny, NCS and advanced Newborn Care Specialist continuing education courses to continue to excel in her professional career. She is a member of the INA and a local nanny support group, as well. In the past couple of years she’s had many families ask her for help getting their babies to sleep through the night.

Carol decided to change her goals from helping one family to helping many. Her new objective is to help, support and educate new parents of singletons, twins and triplets who are seeking a good night’s rest.

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Carol's Newborn Night Care

Carol Snelson

Dallas, Texas


Willing to work Nationwide

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