Hello, and thank you for being here. You’ve made the right choice by choosing Newborn Care Solutions as your training program to begin or enhance your NCS journey.

We’re here for you every step of the way! Our programs are unique because they were specifically developed to cater to childcare industry professionals. We get right to the heart of learning by focusing on the evidence-based science of what we do as Newborn Care Specialists! All of our online training programs are developed to be self-paced and our in-person classes routinely sell out.

Our online training modules consist of actual videos of me presenting to a live audience, so you get the classroom feel, whether it’s in the comfort of your home or on the go. Once you’ve completed one of our newborn care specialist child care training programs, we invite you to join us in our private Facebook group for students and mentors. Some newborn care specialist students have told us this is worth the price of tuition alone for the information and support gained in this group. With over 25 individual hand-selected mentors, each with their own area of specialty, there is a Newborn Care Specialist who can expertly guide you along each step of your career path. Oh, and I’m there, too!



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Online Child Training Courses To Boost Your Career

Newborn Care Solutions is proud to offer a plethora of infant care training courses to equip you with the best knowledge and skills in the industry. You can benefit from any of the following courses:

  • Foundational Newborn Care. Often referred to as “Not NCS 101,” this course covers a wide range of topics, from special needs training for preemies to business advice and tax assistance. Working on your own to become a specialist will require a comprehensive set of skills, and our course will work to deliver it.
  • Sleep Solutions (Birth – Six Months). Our goal in infant care is a family and baby that are both well-rested. This newborn child care course focuses on the science surrounding sleep and all of its intricacies. Sleep is an essential part of the child care experience, and it pays to develop a fuller knowledge of how it works and how you can promote better sleep. When you’re done, you’ll be able to deliver a sleep plan that provides the best outcome for the baby and his or her family.
  • Advanced Newborn Care. Those that want to sharpen their edge with more in-depth, science-based infant care training can benefit from our advanced course. This higher tier focuses on a wide range of important subjects, from advanced brain development to infant feeding knowledge and techniques to mitigating common problems associated with the Newborn Care Specialist Industry.
  • Combined Newborn Care Specialist Training. This dual course delivers the full package for those aiming to become newborn specialists. Start strong and build on our proven care practices with a full look into the business, from nutrition needs to business techniques that help you find quality clients. If you’re starting fresh and want to master the craft, be sure to sign up for this newborn care course!
  • Green-Proofing Program. Our world is full of toxins and other harmful substances that can damage both infants and adults. This course focuses on the value of going green and how your practice can benefit from doing so. From green nursery practices to organic meal preparations, learn everything you need to know to help new families thrive and grow.



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