Successful NCS or Full-Time Parent?

I often get asked how I do it!  How do I work full-time as a Newborn Care Specialist and Business owner and still parent my own four children?  

My response is, “lots of coffee!”   

But let’s be honest, caffeine isn’t MAGIC.  No matter how many cups I consume. 

I have a few things I have put into practice that have allowed me to do this amazing work that I love and be successful at it.  I am going to let in on a secret of how I have been able to live my passion, make great money and still be the best mom I can be to my sweet babies! 


1. Have a Support person or support people
In my household, my  husband is my support person.  In your household it could look different, maybe a partner or relative, or maybe a team of people (for example, a nanny, maid or best friend) if you are a single parent.  Having that support person or people is invaluable and necessary.  In my experience, it works best when I work overnight  and my husband stays at home with our children.  This schedule allows me to be gone overnight and have the freedom to be with my children during the day, after I nap of course. 


2. Time Management
This one is so important!  I am still working on this one myself.  It is so crucial to make time to nourish your body and get adequate sleep.  I make an effort to nap in the morning, right when I get home.  I also try to get all of my business work and any other business-related tasks done while my kids are away at school so I can spend quality time with them while they return home.  

I schedule all my important dates (birthdays, holidays and vacations) right away to ensure that I put my family first!  Yes, working in this line of work can be time consuming and I have been known to adjust my calendar when needed.  Managing your time between work and family is a must! 


3. Continued Education
Newborn care is constantly changing and as a NCS it is part of our job to be abreast of all of those changes.  I am always on the lookout for training and workshops that compliment my current offerings to better serve my clients.  After doing my research and carefully vetting my options my favorite companies for continued education are: Newborn Care Solutions and CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association).  Something to keep in mind, as you consider your options please do your own research and find the training programs that are right for you.  Remember, continued education is how you stay in the loop of all the new methods, science and evidence based information therefore proving you to be the expert.  Expertise equals Success! 


4. Trusted Colleagues and Mentors
Being in the Caregiving Industry can often feel isolating.  It is easy to allow self doubt to creep in and that's why you need your inner circle/colleagues to highlight how amazing you are and help you see your inner ROCK STAR!  Having like minded individuals around you to hold you accountable is essential to being successful.  Let’s be real, we need “our people'', to hype us up and be our cheerleaders!  These are the only people that know exactly what you are going through.  There is something about having people that share the same burden as you that is uplifting and so therapeutic.  

Get a mentor!  Find someone that has already been down the path you want to walk, someone that can hold your hand and encourage you and motivate you.  This is the person that can truly help you set goals and provide professional guidance.  As for myself, I have both: amazing peers and a mentor I can reach out to anytime!

In summary, just because you choose to serve other families does not mean you have to choose between being a parent full-time and SUCCESS!  Do me a favor, incorporate all of the above.  

I am confident that you can do both! 


Jessica Custodio is a Cache Certified Newborn Care Specialist, Labor and Postpartum Doula and Lactation Educator. She has over 15 years of professional experience working with families as both a nanny and birth worker. Jessica’s passion for babies goes all the way back to her earliest childhood memories where she recalls helping her mother care for her younger siblings. Jessica’s greatest joy is supporting new parents with their transition into parenthood by offering encouragement, evidence-based education, and a non-judgmental listening ear. She recently relocated from Monterey, California to Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, 4 children, and sweet husky, Skyy. Jessica currently supports clients both virtual and face-to-face.

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