We’ve all heard the term “going green,” but what does it actually mean and why is it important for parents? When you hear “we’re going green” what comes to mind? Maybe you envision recycling and other environmentally friendly habits. Maybe it’s eating organic and whole foods. Those are certainly important lifestyle choices to consider, but there’s more to it. I want to talk about going green for your baby and how it can impact your family’s lifelong health.


When it comes to your home and family, going green goes beyond eco-friendly practices like reduce, reuse, and recycle. As an Eco-Consultant, I advise families on how to reduce toxin exposure from everyday household products like soaps, cleaners, clothing, and foods. There are 2 key parts to keeping your home clean and green: Choosing alternatives and everyday habits. Small changes make a big difference. Here’s why…


Babies are particularly susceptible to toxins in their everyday environment. They have tiny bodies and rapidly developing organs. A baby’s heart rate and respirations are faster than an adult’s. Combined with a lower volume of blood circulating through the body, toxins are less diluted and more easily absorbed. Their immature systems are much more vulnerable! At birth, the average baby already carries over 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants in umbilical cord blood, passed down generation after generation. 

For families of young children, the #1 goal of going green is to limit toxic chemical exposure found in everyday products during crucial periods of development for babies and young children. Regular exposure to small amounts of toxic chemicals can impact long term health. It can be scary and overwhelming, but not to worry! With a little planning and a few small changes, you can give your baby the healthiest possible start in life. It’s never too late to start.


1. Choose Alternatives

2. Plastics

  • Use indoor plants to purify air
  • Provide ventilation by opening windows and doors
  • Don’t wear shoes inside the house
  • Buy non-toxic products (look for EWG logo)
  • Don’t smoke inside
  • Clean home from top to bottom to reduce particulates in the air
  • “Off gas” new products, such as baby gear by setting it outside in the sun for 72 hours before use
  • Use soy candles or essential oils in lieu of fragrances
  • Keep your products natural (especially diapers, clothing, and other baby care products)


Check out these resources and book a call with me today!

Take a look at these resources:
Dirty Dozen List
Clean 15 List
EWG Verified Products
Green is the New Black

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