It Takes a Village: Caring for Newborns

Have you ever been so sleep-deprived that minutes start to feel like hours? Caring for newborns comes with extraordinary challenges that can make you wish you had a clone, an extra set of arms, or just a few more minutes in the shower. It can leave you wondering where this village is that's supposed to help you. I'll let you in on a secret, though...newborn care specialists are that village. 

 What is a Newborn Care Specialist?  

A newborn care specialist (NCS) is a professional specializing in the care of newborns and often has many educational courses under their belt that provide an extra layer of care for infants 12-16 weeks of age. However, their expertise includes babies up to one year old. Depending on their level of education and training some Newborn care specialists double as doulas, lactation consultants, nutritionists, and more. 

The goal of an NCS is to treat each baby as an individual and work with parents to establish a routine that works for them. NCS want to leave parents feeling empowered and confident in their own abilities to care for their baby so they can thrive even after the NCS has completed their duties. 


What does an NCS Specialize in? 

Feeding: An NCS helps new parents learn how much to feed their newborns, how often, and how to utilize breastmilk or formula.

Education: Specialists highly value education and stay up-to-date on the latest industry standards and guidelines as they’re ever-changing.

Safety: Helping make sure sleep spaces and baby products are safe is all a part of the job. Safety measures also include helping prevent common accidents like falls and more.

Sleep schedules: One of the main goals of an NCS is to help the new baby thrive and getting them on a solid sleep schedule can help the baby and the parents feel better, too.

Infant health: NCS’ know what to look for when it comes to newborn health and are trained to spot and address health issues.

Nutrition: Specialists walk parents through the numerous formula options, and provide resources to help parents and their doctor decide what's best for the baby. Nutrition services also support breastfeeding parents with proper diets - what the parent eats affects milk production and the new baby.

And much more: NCS’ helps with everything from changing diapers to bathing to assisting with transitions. They also document the babies day to day, their feeds, naps, diaper changes, along with any other observations.

How can NCS' Help New Parents? 

Newborn Care Specialists typically work night shifts so parents can get that well deserved, and let's face it, needed, sleep. Some also work 24-hour shifts while others come in during the day to help. Having this hands-on care gives parents the chance to shower, rest, eat, sleep, focus on other tasks, or spend one on one time with older siblings and each other.


What are the Benefits of Hiring an NCS? 

Support in the chest or bottle-feeding baby: NCS’ provides encouragement and connections to ensure parents are headed in the right direction and always feel supported in how they choose to nourish their newborn.

Helps establish good sleeping and eating habits: Establishing healthy sleeping and eating habits early on is necessary for a baby's growing body and developing mind. This is where NCS’ comes in to help guide and support parents through the ups, downs, and the in-betweens of it all.

Provides appropriate care as advised by the physician for babies that have extra needs: Whether a baby is struggling with reflux, torticollis, food allergies, or anything else; with the guidance of a medical professional, NCS’ are there to support parents and their baby through it all.

Can help identify postpartum mood disorders and help support parents in finding appropriate help: NCS’ are aware and care about the mental health of parents because they understand parents matter just as much as their babies. 


The Bottom Line

Becoming a new parent comes with a lot of contrast. From those beautiful bonding moments with your little one to nights where you wonder if you'll ever sleep again - parenthood is a challenging, but magnificent journey. The good news is, you don't have to travel the road alone. With a newborn care specialist at hand, you have someone you can count on, someone who guides listens and dedicates their lives to the growth and health of your family. With a newborn care specialist, you've got a dedicated partner who can set you and your family up to thrive. 

Zahydie Allison
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