Marly Higgins Driskell

Foundational, Advanced and Elite

For over 22 years, Marly has been a nanny to boys and girls from newborns to young teenagers, including a set of twins. She creates and develops fun and educational activities that are age appropriate to help children use their imaginations. Marly has traveled with families on vacations and also has had complete responsibility while parents were away for weekend trips.

As a Certified Overnight Care Specialist and Newborn Care Specialist, she is experienced with newborn preemie multiples (several sets of twins, three sets of triplets, two sets of quadruplets, and two sets of quintuplets). Often these preemies needed medications for reflux and required oxygen therapy. Some of them needed cardiorespiratory monitoring due to sleep apnea.

As the International Nanny Association’s 2015 Nanny of the Year, Marly is a strong advocate of all nannies.

Contact Details

Marly Higgins Driskell Foundational, Advanced and Elite

Houston, Texas


Certified Professional Nanny (National Academy of Nanny, Inc.)
International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year, 2015
Credentialed International Nanny Association (INA) Nanny
Certified Overnight Nanny Care Specialist
Newborn Care Specialist

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