Carol Snelson

Carol began working with infants when she was in high school. During her college years, after her sister gave birth, she helped out with the newborn care both day and night. Upon realizing how much she enjoyed working with babies and children, she attended nanny school. Since 1987, when she graduated from the C.A.P.E. center in the Dallas, she has been a Professional Nanny. Carol has attended night nanny, NCS and advanced Newborn Care Specialist continuing education courses to continue to excel in her professional career. She is a member of the INA and a local nanny support group, as well. In the past couple of years she’s had many families ask her for help getting their babies to sleep through the night.

Carol decided to change her goals from helping one family to helping many. Her new objective is to help, support and educate new parents of singletons, twins and triplets who are seeking a good night’s rest.

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Carol's Newborn Night Care

Carol Snelson

Dallas, Texas

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