Newborn Care Solutions Foundational program is great for newer NCS, nannies, doulas and experienced infant daycare workers to strengthen and deepen their newborn knowledge. This course goes IN-DEPTH into many areas that other program only touch on—we teach recognizing possible signs of conditions such as postpartum mood disorders, torticollis, tongue tie, reflux, food allergies, brachial plexus injuries and more. In addition, we teach all the business basics you need to get started—an NCS focused resume, elevator pitch, working with agencies and doing it on your own. More than any other “starting” program out there, this program gets you truly ready to enter the NCS world. And if you simply want to have a solid newborn base as a nanny, there is no better way to get it! This course has been described over and over again as “NOT NCS 101”.

NOTE: Prerequisites do apply

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Many times as Newborn Care Specialists or Experienced Postpartum Doulas, you might know the “how” of what we do, but do you really know the “why”? Understanding the science behind things helps you communicate better to your clients the reasons WHY sleep is so important to infant brain development, why a preemie must be watched closely for signs of illnesses common to them and possible issues such as Reactive Attachment Disorder. This course looks intensively into things such as infant brain development, working with premature infants, working with higher order multiples, what high-profile and high net worth clients are really looking for, business and how fast it is changing and how you as an NCS you can keep up and much, much more. This course is perfect for an experienced NCS or postpartum doula who wants to really deepen and broaden their knowledge base and bring a new level of expertise to their clients.
NOTE: prerequisites do apply

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