Training Options for Today’s NCS

There are a variety of options available for training as a Newborn Care Specialist. And each of them has something to offer you depending on where you are in your career currently and what your goals are for your NCS career.

We often get asked: “Is this just the same as X, Y, Z company’s class?” The short answer is that even if the topic is similar, the chances are NO, it is not the same. Each training company has their particular target audience and goals for education and so they each take a slightly different approach.  And sometimes you can take a class on the exact same basic subject and learn entirely different information or a different approach that you had never heard of before. 

So what should you do? You should look at what is being offered, at the way it is being offered and decide what training is going to benefit both your short and long-term goals for your career as an NCS. And you should remember that those goals can be met through more than one company. Sometimes you will want to find a way to take classes from multiple companies. We ALL do that!!

What is MOST important to remember when looking at educational opportunities is this:

  1. Will this benefit my career? If is a relevant class, it is likely it will regardless of which company you take it through or whether you do it online or in person.
  2. Will I have a return on my investment? YES! There is hardly any other industry in the world where you can invest so little from a financial standpoint and come out the other end making the kind of wages a NCS makes and very few industries where experience and pay grade jumps are made so quickly. In most instances, almost any class is paid for with 2-5 days of work—this is unheard of in the work world.  Invest in yourself and your career!
  3. Am I worth it? Sadly we see NCS all the time who don’t truly believe in themselves and what they have to offer. But you are ALL worth the investment of time and money in a good quality education!!!
  4. Do I have to choose to get all my education through only one training company? No! You can and should take whatever educational opportunities come your way and not focus only on the name of the company offering them. Obviously, if you find an instructor you love—stick with them, but never let that stop you from taking advantage of other opportunities. 

REMEMBER:  There are lots of ways to get great information and lots of new things to be learned all the time.  Never stop learning – We never do.

Tonya Sakowicz, Newborn Care Solutions (

Katie Morin, Nancy Hamm