Interview with Nora Rivera – Newborn Care Specialist

Newborn Care Specialists aren’t just for the “traditional” families. We work with families of all kinds including married, single, LGBTQ, surrogacy and adoption. We work with single babies, multiples, even higher order multiples like quintuplets and sextuplets (yep, you read that right!). Recently one of our company experts and student NCS mentors, Nora Rivera, was privileged to work with a new family formed through adoption. She shared some of her thoughts with us and here is what she had to say.

Newborn Care Solutions: Tell us about your current position.
Nora: I am working with a single mother who adopted a newborn baby boy.

Newborn Care Solutions: What drew you to working in this particular position?
Nora: I was drawn to this position because of its uniqueness. I’ve never worked with a single mother who never had children and adopted one all on her own. I thought it would be a great experience and a challenge I was willing to take on.

Newborn Care Solutions: What makes this position unique compared to others you have worked in?
Nora: This position isn’t quite like any other I’ve had. Mother is single, no other children. I went to Arizona and spent some time in the hospital with her and baby before his release. We spent a week or so in Arizona before traveling to Miami where she lives.

Newborn Care Solutions: What new things do you feel you have learned?
Nora: I’ve learned quite a bit. For one I learned that there are lots of legalities surrounding an adoption. I also learned that making your own formula is a thing.

Newborn Care Solutions: How do you think you have made a difference for this new family?
Nora: I know I’ve made a difference in this family’s life. From teaching this lovely person how to diaper, bathe, dress, swaddle her new bundle to helping navigate the products on the market. Putting the newborn on a routine that works for them. I know I’ve helped her “become a mom” capable of caring for her son.

nora-rivera2-450Newborn Care Solutions: Any advice for other post-partum professionals who might be interested in working with adoptive families?
Nora: Yes, if you are looking to help families that adopt go in knowing that they are completely going to rely on you and your expertise. They will seek and value your advice at every turn. They will need to learn how to bond with their new baby. Compassion, patience and understanding are vital.

Newborn Care Solutions: Anything else you want to share?
Nora: Working with adoptive families has its own rewards. You get to watch these  strangers become attached and the parents fall so in love with their baby. You get to be there to encourage and cheer them on in this new chapter in their lives. And the best part is when your time with the family is up and they can’t thank you enough and it’s an emotional  departure. You know that you have truly helped and guided the family and it’s such an amazing feeling to know that you have made a positive impact on those lives. These are the kinds of families that will leave an imprint on your heart.

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No matter how someone becomes a parent and family, a Newborn Care Specialist can help that transition go more smoothly. We are so proud of Nora for what she has done for this family and are excited that she was able to get them off to a good start!