We hear ‘the buzz’ about going green all the time, but do we really know what that means? This course will help you understand why going green is so important to everyday health for our clients and their families and specifically a new baby.  From an understanding of how our bodies come into the world, how toxins affect growing brains and very specific ways to reduce our toxic load, you will learn the how and the why of going green and can immediately apply what you have learned to your work in the world of newborns.


  • What is going green?
  • Why does going green matter?
  • How is our health affected? Cancer, autism, ADD/ADHD and other diseases
  • Infant Brain Development and Toxic exposure
  • Toxins and our environment
  • Our UNIQUE impact as NCS and nannies
  • Practical ways we can help: air quality, creating a green nursery, green body care, green playrooms, green kitchen, green laundry and green bathrooms, going green in the care and classroom
  • Does eating organic really matter and why?