• Advanced Sleep Conditioning Techniques
  • Advanced Infant Feeding: the science behind breastmilk, formula and alternatives, plus working with babies with cleft palate, babies on feeding tubes and other specialty devices.
  • Infant Brain Development and how sleep, nutrition and environment impact newborn brain development
  • Working with Premature Babies (with special information from Annie Duguid, Newborn Care Solutions Preemie Expert)
  • Special Needs Car Seat Use for Preemies (Lisa Cote, CPST)
  • Working with Multiples: twins, triplets and more! (guest presenter: Marly Driskell, 2015 INA Nanny of the Year and Newborn Care Solutions Expert)
  • Alternative Care Options for Common Infant Ailments
  • Working for High Profile Clients (special guest, Gary Cockerham, Estate Manager and DEMA 2015 Service Provider of the Year)
  • Difficulties in the NCS World and how to handle them
  • Better Business Practices 

Prerequisite: Prior approved NCS or Post Partum Doula Training or 3 years equivalent, documentable experience at the discretion of the instructor.

Combined Foundational and Advanced Combination Course Also Available