The status of Master NCS™ is the highest level of training and expertise currently available to Newborn Care Specialists and one that requires dedication, focus and determination. It is only available through the Newborn Care Solutions Elite Training Program

In order to be granted the Newborn Care Solutions Master NCS™ designation, all candidates must:

  • Complete our Advanced NCS Training, either online or in person and have passed the exam
  • Complete our New Elite Training Program (if applicable)
  • Complete our Experienced Elite Training Program
  • Be able to document a minimum 3 years consistent work as an NCS
  • Have established 2 mentoring relationships—1 with their personal mentor and 1 as a mentor to a newer NCS or another approved mentoring relationship
  • Be current on their First Aid and CPR training
  • Have impeccable references
  • Complete the year of our Master NCS™ training
  • Have a successful “exit interview” with three of their peers in the program

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To apply to be part of our Master NCS™ Program, you must complete this short form AND submit your deposit.


  1. Acceptance into the program is at the complete discretion of the instructor; applying is not a guarantee of acceptance.
  2. Registration deadline is November 30, 2017.
  3. If not selected for the program, your deposit will be refunded.

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