Baby Friendly Is Not So Parent Friendly Sometimes

In the last couple years, hospitals across the country have been quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) eliminating nurseries for after the baby is born unless there is a medical need. It is part of a “baby-friendly” move that many hospitals are making and say is best. According to Lori Pugsley, the newborn family unit’s…read more

What Makes Newborn Care Solutions Unique? The answer might surprise you!

People often ask me what it is that makes Newborn Care Solutions unique.  What sets us apart from other training companies out there. Even “why” they should take our program over others. I hear these and similar questions nearly every day. And sure, there are the standard answers: our training is designed and tailored specifically…read more

Cannabis Safety in the Nanny Industry

Political decisions can be messy, and so as a business, unless they impact how we operate or our students, we tend to stay out of commenting on them. But a recent number of measures have passed, making us feel the need to address one major change in the US that we believe is here to…read more

Training Options for Today’s NCS

There are a variety of options available for training as a Newborn Care Specialist. And each of them has something to offer you depending on where you are in your career currently and what your goals are for your NCS career. We often get asked: “Is this just the same as X, Y, Z company’s…read more

I ruined the coffee and what that can mean for child safety

Coffee. I have made it literally thousands of times. And my coffee maker is not complicated. Add water. Grind the beans. Put grounds into the filter. Put filter into basket.  Put it in the machine. Turn it on. Simple, right? And I have done it so many times I can do it with my eyes…read more

Creating a Safe Sleep Environment for Your Baby

I sat down today to review a ton of information for a client I am seeing next week. I am going into the home of first time parents-to-be to teach them the baby basics; essentially a baby “boot-camp” if you will. I LOVE working with first-time parents—there is an amazement and wonder that they hold…read more